Monday, November 15, 2010

Ongoing cs...finally...(1000 apologies for the delay)

Thank u loads for being patient..

Salam...ehem..after reading what one of ur seniors commented after seeing his ongoing marks..i got a bit mad..i mean...people, no matter how low ur marks appear to be..u shouldnt be complainin abt how low u got..u should be thankful..yes, how poyo it sounds u should be..

If u think learning is all about getting good grades n those who get low grades like C or B are losers then shame on you coz u havent learnt anything at all since u first stepped into school.

Be thankful with what u've gotten k:) dont feel so down n depressed..grades ain't everything..its how u learn from them that counts n thats where u grow to become a better person. (yup, i know it sounds poyo but it's true coz i learnt from experience...i once got zero kan :)

In Islam, it's the same thing...kumpul pahala je tak sama dgn buat everything with the right niat. All the best my kids..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010




Salam i'm currently editing ongoing marks..(learning from seniors)...a 100000000 apologies esp to CS n AS coz i haven't finalized ongoing yet...

got some problems esp in i think i gave some people extremely low marks..which i want to add some marks after studying throughly assignments, attendance n speakin n grammar papers.

so..plz b patient...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ECD1KF ongoing

Any changes will be informed...

Just a few hours ago, i met 2 boys from ur class asking abt the carry marks..i said i was being too lenient for speaking n i have to deduct some marks...yup, that's true...the thing is, guidance from senior lecturers brought me to that decision....I'm really sorry.

Nevertheless, i nvr really deducted everyone's marks just the ones who got highest in particular coz i gave them too much marks...

so here it is, bt gotta warn u..i havent checked every1's blogs yet...


attendance/assignments/participation = 10%

is confidential

A million apologies to fellow students due to my tardiness in uploading the ongoing marks here earlier...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 progress...


I will get the ongoing marks done by tomorrow...insyaAllah...just a teeny bit more to do...(checkg spkg)

So, Sobarul minal iman...

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm in Melaka...i'll recheck grammar again..

It seems like i've made mistakes in keyin in marks for a number of people..

sorry again..

c u again this tuesday.. hopefully by then there wont be any mistakes..i'll recheck three times this time.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010



People, seriously...

waddup with your counting skills yo?..

i found papers that got 3 extra marks and even papers that have 2 marks deducted...

I feel sorry for those who have seen their marks prior me releasing the marks here..esp to those who thought they got marks higher than what they actually got.

Warning: Some students might have marks less that what they thought they got earlier.

stay calm...

Whoever said there's no room or time for improvement??

Ignore what doubters say, study hard, study smart and most importantly Pray to God..

insyaAllah, u guys can do it! (^_^)v

I believe in all of you..

"Believe in the one who believes in you" - SZS

Monday, October 18, 2010


Info on

1st blog Assignment NOVEL= Click here

2nd blog Assignment SVA= Click here

3rd blog Assignment MOVIE= Click here

Oh yeah, if u're wondering abt the pic down there...
well, i got kinda clueless what pic to put in this post.

Sunday, October 17, 2010



This post is for my BEL311 STUDENTS...

Yes, i know the title of this blog is To BEL 120...come on, "Sharing is caring" (^_^)v

Anyway, just want to put some notes on how to write the reference at the back of their final drafts:

I found a website abt this so:

CLICK HERE (For authors of books...)

and HERE (For Websites, scroll way down to look for what you're looking for; from wikis, blogs)

Oh yeah..

if there's no month or day, just put the year...

Anything, ask me in the chatbox.

Notes: People or Persons ? ? ?

Salam students..

I've been super busy lately. Sorry people..Next week's gonna be "Spell Master" week. So, extra work for us. :((

I've been browsing UMP n ICAM's sites recently and i'm really excited if i get to work at a different avenue.
I'm chasing experience but I ain't leaving u guys ;) we still hv facebook, twitter, YT n Blogger. What else do u need?


remember the grammar question about Person's n Persons'

Well, i remembered telling u guys that the plural of person is people. Yup, it is and is used more often. The thing is i didn't tell u guys that persons is also used as plural only differently..hmmm???

Okay so i googled and i found someone asking the same question on yahoo:

In English grammar, the basic rule is one person, two people. When can "persons" be used?

I'm puzzled as to when one can say: This car sits 6 persons. I would not say, for instance: I went to a party and there were many persons, correct?

Can someone hel

Someone replied and answered:

USAGE The words people and persons can both be used as the plural of person, but they are not used in exactly the same way. People is by far the more common of the two words and is used in most ordinary contexts:

: a group of people ;
| there were only about ten people ;
| several thousand people have been rehoused.

Persons, on the other hand, tends now to be restricted to official or formal contexts, as in

| this vehicle is authorized to carry twenty persons ;
| no persons admitted without a pass.

In some contexts, persons, by pointing to the individual, may sound less friendly than people:

| the number should not be disclosed to any unauthorized persons.

I hope it's clear enough for you. If u have questions, u can ask me qs at the chatbox up there, ok..

Salam cya...